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S.A. High Court Ruling
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National Credit Act

If you are over-indebted as well as falling behind with your monthly debt repayments, we can assist by helping to protect your assets and by arranging a significant reduction in monthly debt repayments.

This debt protection forms part of the National Credit Act. Credit providers cannot take legal action against you if you go under debt review. This means that aside from the protection of your assets, you will also end up paying less for your debt on a monthly basis.

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A simple process aimed at transitioning you out of debt that is easy, simple, straightforward and effortless. We assist our clients in developing a repayment plan that is affordable and easy to maintain for the remaining repayment period without additional financial strain.

The plan is intended to relieve the struggle of debt immediately, as we negotiate reduced interest rates of 100% from your Credit Providers, thereby lowering your overall repayment amount. Check if you qualify and we will call you back.

Jason D
I was feeling desperate, and like I would never be able to get ahead of my growing debt. I am so glad that I found VDS. Their friendly staff and swift, efficient service really helped me in the right direction, soon I will be living debt free. Thanks so much for all your help and assistance
Sindiswa H
I was ashamed and embarrassed about my situation and and didn't know where to turn. I now feel that I am in control and that I have the right people helping me. With VDS's help I am now looking forward to being debt free soon and I without the worry of losing my house and car
Alicia V
I really didn't know who to turn to, and I felt suck in a hole that I would never get out of. Luckily I found VDS who were so helpful and really understood my situation. Now I can afford all my debt repayments and am soon I will be debt free. Now myself and my family can breath without the worry
How VDS Can Help You!
  • Help meet your monthly financial obligations
  • Reduce your over Interest on your debt
  • Stop ALL your creditors in their tracks
  • The best impartial advice that has your best interest at heart
  • ​We provide a tailor made solution specific to your individual needs and situation
  • Help you become Debt Free
  • Remove the stress and worry caused by outstanding payments and debt collectors
  • By increasing your monthly cash flow so you have more disposable income to care for your family and loved ones
Can I really become debt free and have my debt 'written off'?
Yes, many people are becoming debt free through our solutions. However how quickly this happens will depend on your solution and how much debt you are actually in. Our friendly debt advisors specialise in this and will be willing to give you the best advice possible on how to effective do this.
Will you help me stop creditors phoning me? 
Most certainly, we know how stressful this. Our job is to negotiate with your creditors and debt collectors so that this stops happening. If you have already had creditors, sheriffs or debt collectors contact you, this is all the more reason to get in touch so we can help put an end to it. 
When is the best time to get help?
Truth is if you are reading this, then you already probably need to do something sooner rather than later. The quicker you get help the sooner you can become debt free. The quicker you take you take preventative action, you the quicker we can get started to remove the stress of the sheriff and debt collectors who may threaten to seize your possessions, even your car or home. Get in touch before its too late!
Which is the debt solution for me?
Everyones situation is different, and we only provide the best tailored solutions based on your individual situation. We take into account your monthly income, your cost of living and how much you owe to provide you with the best options available to help you become debt free as soon as possible. Our advisors are understanding towards or your situation and needs, and will only suggest the best debt solution options for your specific circumstance. Get in touch so we can discuss the best option for you, you are also under no obligation to accept any of the solutions offered. 

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